Professional Auto Body Refinishing


Here is a Honda Accord that we had a lot of fun restoring.


Below is a 1996 Honda Accord. It belonged to a customer that bought it when it was almost new. I had done all of the work to this car since she bought it. She got "t-boned" in an accident and was devastated when the Insurance company totaled it. Woody and I looked at it and both said "we can rebuild it". The hit was a good one in that it did no damage to the the drive line. Notice in the picture that both door glasses weren't even broken. The car only had 56K on it. We bought a complete used car so that we could get our measurement and certain parts from it, i.e. doors, rocker panel, rear dog leg etc. Look at the finished product. It came out just "perfect". Another great job. Thanks to Woody!

Before & After. We can breathe new life into an old car. Below are some good examples of that. Click on photos to enlarge.


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